Diamond Drilling

We can diamond drill holes from 10mm to in excess of 900mm in diameter to almost unlimited depths in masonry and reinforced concrete. Core drilling can be carried out horizontally, vertically, angled and inverted leaving accurate holes without damage to the surrounding structure. Common applications include holes and openings for plumbing, electrical and ventilation, installation of anchor fixings, test coring, piling and installation of carriageway safety barriers. We have a variety of diamond drilling rigs that vary in design and the motor can be either electric, hydraulic or pneumatic depending on the requirements. Water is usually used to flush the hole, cool the bit and to eliminate dust. If required strict water control and collection procedures can be implemented to protect the surrounding area.

Stitch drilling can be used as an alternative method of forming openings. Any size opening can be achieved using this system but is generally adopted for small or deep openings or when sawing is unsuitable. A series of overlapping holes are diamond drilled around the perimeter of the opening which when completed leave the center section isolated from the surrounding structure.

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Diamond drilling in Kent
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Diamond drilling in Kent
Stitch Drilling
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Diamond drilling in London
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